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For the last day of 30 Days of Fun — which was a Monday — we went on a mini biking bar crawl around Indianapolis.  Part of the fun was using the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare (even though we all have our own bikes).  They were rather convenient except for our last stop from which we still had to walk two blocks to get to the bar.   And then we just walked home from there because it seemed silly to walk back and get the bikes when I only lived 3 blocks away anyway. 
Our tour stops were:

1. Chatham Tap — where we ate wings because they are so so delicious.

2. Bakersfield — where we ate tacos for the same reason above.

3. Tow Yard Brewing — because we’d never been here before. 

The night was full of laughs and I like to think a little bit of relief that the 30 Days of Fun were over because they were exhausting!  Although, I say that and by the end of the night we had decided to do 30 Days + 1 because we all decided to watch the World Cup game the following day. 

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June 26-29 — NOLA with some of my favorites!

We happened to pick the weekend following my birthday for our annual Kappa trip and I wasn’t sad about this at all.  Sure, getting up at 4am after celebrating on the Handle Bar wasn’t the easiest thing but we made it!   We snapchatted Natalie from the plane who we were meeting in Houston before continuing on to NOLA. 

We didn’t have a set schedule so we did whatever we wanted every day which suited us just fine.  This basically consisted of eating lots of delicious delicious food and consuming WAY too many drinks.  We also squeezed in some sight seeing which included seeing Archie Manning’s house!  I could just Peyton and Eli throwing around the ball in the front yard.

While during the day we explored Bourbon St. at night we went to Frenchman St.  We actually ended up at the same bar two nights in the row (which I’m blanking on the name) because the band was so good! 

My favorite night was probably the night we got fancy and went to R’eveloution.  The service and the food were impeccable.   We loved all our waiters and waitresses.  They even gave us a private tour through the kitchen, showed us a $20,000 bottle of wine, and treated us to some Reggie’s Pimm’s Cups on the house!

Other highlights included Cafe du Mond, brunch with a make your own Bloody Mary bar, and the most delicious Pina Colada I’ve ever had at Pat O’Brians!

I loved spending 3 days with these girls and I wish we could do these trips more often! 

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June 25 — MY BIRTHDAY!!* 

I don’t know that I could have had more fun on my birthday if I tried.  I coordinated for me and 14 of my lovely friends to do the HandleBar.  The benefit of having a June birthday is that it’s usually a beautiful day and this year was no different! 

I was nervous all day that some friends would have to cancel but not one person did!!  I was so thankful for everyone who came out on a Wednesday to celebrate.  And especially thankful that Boomer, the Pacers’ mascot, decided to show up randomly for a photo op. 

I should also mention that the delicious cookie cake you see was sent to my by my lovely friend Gina who lives in STL and couldn’t be present for a Wednesday evening birthday celebration.  She was there in spirit even though the cookie barely lasted the 2 hour ride!

Cheers to 30! 

*I realize that this is significantly delayed but I’m hoping to finish up the 30 Days of Fun posts this week!

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I thought I was over flash mobs….And then I saw this one.  

And yeah, I totally teared up.  
(Thx Cousin Kristin for the great share!)

Two things I love — Flash Mobs and musicals (especially The Sound of Music!)

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Love these pants!

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So I’ve been on a Budget Bytes kick lately. Last Thursday I went over to Brooke’s to catch up (while celebrating July being national hot dog month!!) and I volunteered to bring a salad. After much deliberation I settled upon this kale, tortellini and cranberry salad.

Now one thing to note about budget bytes is that this lady lives where food is crazy cheap and my recipes are never as inexpensive as she lists. Where in the world can you buy a 10 oz package of tortellini for $1.65??!! I should move there.

Cost aside, this is a super easy salad to make and delicious to boot. I liked it so much that I actually made it again and ate it for most of my weekend meals.

The recipe calls for a 10 oz package of cheese tortellinis. I used about half of a 16 oz package and I felt like it was still too much. Next time I’m planning on using a third of the bag per giant bowl of salad. Also, the kale gets reduced down quite a bit once you massage it so I will probably add more kale next time too.

Also, if you’re having people over and plan on serving the whole salad, go ahead and add all the tortellinis. However, if you plan on making it for yourself to eat over the course of a few days, I would keep the pasta separate and just heat up a little serving to put on top of the salad before you eat it. I enjoyed the contrast of the warm tortellinis on the cold salad.

I don’t even like red onions but I think you have to leave them in the salad to give it a little kick. I also added some slivered almonds for a little crunch…and because I had them and don’t know what else to do with them.

So go forth…make this salad…and feel free to try out some of my recommendations!!

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YA is all I read right now

I’m about 20 years behind everyone else I know but I finally read The Giver. I’m not sure why we never read it in elementary school. I liked it, though I wished there was more to the ending. I actually think I might like the movie better for this one because based on the previous, it goes into a lot more detail than the book did.

I feel a little guilty that this book counts toward my 26 when it was so short but a book is a book is a book so that makes 17!!

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moscow mule jello shots

I love Moscow mules so reblogging this is a must!

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10 to go!!

Just finished my 16th book of the year!  On Monday I finished Allegiant to wrap up the Divergent trilogy.  I have to say…I didn’t love it.  I don’t want to ruin anything for others by going into too many details but I have to agree with most everyone else I talked to about this book in that the first one was definitely the best one.

On to the next book!  Eventually I will stop reading YA and start reading adult books again.