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Say yes to a dress

I received a request for dress details from Colleen’s wedding and I’m happy to oblige!

Colleen’s dress is from BHLDN — the Anthropologie wedding line.  They have some BEAUTIFUL dresses there and I almost ended up getting this dress as my bridesmaid dress but then decided against it.

I actually ordered 3 bridesmaid dresses but settled on one from the Alfred Sung collection at Nordstrom.  It was very reasonably priced and looked like raw silk even though it was some synthetic material.  It also had pockets which is always a plus!  I received a lot of compliments and even some of the bridesmaids said that my dress was their favorite. 

I don’t know the brands of many of the other girl’s dresses because we were allowed to choose whichever dress we wanted as long as it was gray.  I wasn’t sure how it would all come together but I’ll be sure to share once I see some group pictures.  Everyone said it looked awesome and paired well with Colleen’s choice of flowers.

My rehearsal dinner dress was the same one I wore to my graduation.  It was part of the Urban Outfitters Christmas collection but I like to wear it all year round. 

Overall I thought everyone looked great!  I can’t wait to see all the pictures!

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My beautiful and dear friend Colleen got married this past weekend.  Her fiance, Cameron, is great and I think every single person in all these pictures has been looking forward to this wedding for months (maybe years!) because we all knew it would be so much fun and it definitely lived up to expectations.  Please excuse the fact that I stole all my pictures from Instagram since I didn’t manage to take any myself.

Friday, those of us who were in town went to go get our nails done in time for the rehearsal dinner.  The dinner was at the Columbia Club and I loved my whole meal except for the cake — weird right?  Colleen looked beautiful and was glowing with excitement.  I’m a big crier and I was already crying at the rehearsal. 

Saturday we started early with hair and makeup at Colleen’s house.  My sister did the same thing as Colleen which was having all the bridesmaids get ready at her house.  It’s so much fun to spend the morning together and watch as everyone’s outfits came together.  Eventually we were picked up and headed to the church.  This is where Colleen put on her dress and I cried (again) seeing her all dressed in white.  She looked SO SO beautiful!  I didn’t get a picture of her in her dress but you can see the lovely beading (and her perfect smile) in the picture above.

After the ceremony we took a few pictures around Indianapolis and then headed to the reception at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.  I’d never been in this place before and it is truly an amazing venue.  Colleen and Cameron had everyone stay upstairs where the cocktail hour was and look down upon the wedding introductions and the first dance. 

The rest of the night was spent dancing amongst friends.  My feet hurt so much on Sunday but it was worth it.  While I’m sad that the wedding is over I’m so happy to have been a part of Colleen and Cameron’s special day.  I don’t think one person has a doubt in their mind that they are perfect for each other and will make each other so happy. 

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Purdue played Notre Dame at Lucas Oil a couple weeks ago and that pretty much what my weekend revolved around. Friday night my friend Annie and her husband threw an awesome pre-game party in their backyard. They had tons of food, a keg of blue moon, and a band! I took Patrick with me and I think he said it best when he said “They’ve ruined backyard BBQs for me forever. Nothing will ever live up to this!”

Saturday I had plans to meet up with Titus, her husband, and some others for some tailgating but not actually go to the game (much like I did in college). Then my dear friend Roski texted me that they had an extra ticket. Why not?! So to the game I went. While I always cheer for Purdue, I’ve learned to keep my expectations low. It was a great first half but no one was surprised by the end results. I was happy that the roof was open since that’s my favorite thing about Lucas Oil Stadium!

At the end of the day, I was thrilled I got to hang out with Roski and his wife Katie while they were in town. I even mustered up the energy to meet them for breakfast on Sunday morning!

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Last night I went to a 6 course meal that was designed to be paired with a bunch of New Zealand wines. My friend Jillian from work invited me to go to this dinner because her husband ended up having to go out of town. There were two other couples (one a friend of Jillian’s and then just another couple that they got paired with). We all got along great and I told Jillian I’d be happy to take her husband’s place again if needed!

Below are pics and descriptions of the different courses. I forgot to take a picture of the 3rd course because I didn’t eat it.

1st course: Ceviche with micro sprouts. This was my favorite course and pairing.

2nd course: Scallop with a vegetable relish — both were delicious and I could have eaten 6 more…or maybe 100

3rd course: (not pictured) Pork tenderloin with a peach mango salsa. I was told it was good but I didn’t actually eat any myself.

4th course: Meatball stuffed with manchego cheese on top of polenta. This was so so good and I was quite pleased they agreed to make mine without the bacon demi glaze so I could eat it

5th course: Eggplant and venison lasagna — this was probably my least favorite of all the courses. It just didn’t taste all that great.

6th course: Brownie with a hint of ancho chili flavor topped with brandies cherries. I tried it as one…and then I scraped all the cherries off and just ate the brownie.  I’m not a huge fan of fruit/chocolate combinations.

I left the restaurant full and happy!

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There are men on the roof — it’s very distracting because I keep ducking at the loud noises in fear that the ceiling will cave in and soon we’ll ALL be in my office. 

I ordered Thai carry-out for lunch and they forgot the rice to go with my curry…so I’m still hungry.

I’m going to a 6 course dinner tonight that gives you a healthy serving of wine with every course…and then tomorrow evening starts all the wedding festivities for Colleen’s wedding.  It’s going to be a LOOOOOONG day tomorrow.  And Friday when I have to come in at 8 just to attend one 2 hour meeting…but I’ll be out of here by 11am!

All the Kappas start arriving for the wedding tomorrow and I’m so so so SO excited to see them!!  Stacey is staying with me and I have no food in my house to snack on and no time to pick up snacks.  I felt bad at first and then remembered that the only person who probably has less food in their house than me…is Stacey.  Best guest ever. 

The alterations place is supposed to call to tell me my bridesmaid dress is ready to go for this weekend.  I’m leaving work slightly early today to pick it up since they close at 5.  I do have a slight fear that I waited too long and there is a chance it won’t be ready in time…

These are my thoughts.

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High Five New York

See? Now this is a prank. Something silly and good intentioned and actually funny. Not groping poor, unsuspecting girls.


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#20 The one perk of my 7 hour MegaBus ride to Nashville (which was only supposed to be 6 hours) was that it allowed me to read “The Vacationers” by Emma Straub.  It was recommended by The Skimm and I decided to give it a shot seeing as I enjoyed one of their other book recommendations

At only 294 pages, this was a light and easy read.  As described by the title, it’s about a group of people on a vacation.  While there is a story line for all the characters, it’s mainly 2 story lines and the rest kind of intertwine.  It was easy to follow and still kept my attention which is why I was able to finish it in one sitting.  It also really made me want to go on a warm tropical vacation.  I wouldn’t say it’s a great book but if you’re looking for something light, definitely check this one out!

This brings me to book #20 for the year!  6 more to go…

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Bachelorette Weekend in Nashville!!

Over the weekend I headed down to Nashville, TN to celebrate my dear friend Nicole and the end of her era as single girl! I have known Nicole for years but we only have a few friends in common and since they are guys, I didn’t really know anyone on the trip that well.  Even so, I couldn’t make that a reason not to go (plus Nashville is SO FUN) so I packed up my party shoes and my conversational skills and headed south.  I opted to take the Megabus down which ended up being the most ridiculous ride ever but luckily did not dampen my mood for the weekend.

We all arrived rather late, and after a drink at the hotel bar we started off Friday night with late night dinner/snacks at Merchants.  I ordered the cheeseburger which was sub par but my Moscow Mule was quite good as was the popcorn that was on the table when we arrived.   We ended up shutting down the restaurant and decided not to stay out all night since tomorrow was the big celebration day.

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We’re a little bit country…for the weekend @sandersnm #nicsnashbash (at The Stage on Broadway)

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#19 I haven’t been doing a great job of reading lately but I did just finish this book. Let it be known that I was 100 pages into another book with the same title before I figured out I was reading the wrong book. This one is the story behind Benedict Arnold and how he was a traitor to America as told from the viewpoint of his wife’s servant. It wasn’t great but it was interesting and I enjoyed it.

I have a 6 hour bus ride to Nashville (!!!) on Friday and have loaded up my iPad with the books The Vacationers by Emma Straub and & Sons by David Gilbert. It might be a little ambitious thinking I’ll be able to get through both books in 12 hours (knowing there is a good chance I’ll be napping for several of those hours) but I didn’t want to get caught without something to read. 7 more books to squeeze in this year!