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moscow mule jello shots

I love Moscow mules so reblogging this is a must!

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10 to go!!

Just finished my 16th book of the year!  On Monday I finished Allegiant to wrap up the Divergent trilogy.  I have to say…I didn’t love it.  I don’t want to ruin anything for others by going into too many details but I have to agree with most everyone else I talked to about this book in that the first one was definitely the best one.

On to the next book!  Eventually I will stop reading YA and start reading adult books again.

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June 24 - Patrick, Justin, and I decided to attend the Arctic Monkeys concert. It poured rain all day but cleared up as we walked to get dinner beforehand.

I didn’t know a lot of Arctic Monkeys songs going into the show but I love an outdoor concert so I think a good time was had by all! One highlight was when they sang a song that I loved and had no idea they sang! Another high point was when we took the above picture and it looked like I had some muscle definition in my arm!

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June 23 - CAKE DAY!!  Even though this wasn’t my official birthday day, this was the day that was chosen to enjoy the tradition of candles and cake.  Feel free to count them — 30 candles + 1 to grow on!  It was a group effort to light them all before they melted all over the cake!

I’ve tried quite a few cakes over the last 30 years and the go-to cake is still the DQ Ice Cream cake. 

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30 Days of Fun - Wedding Edition

June 18 - This was birthday celebration day at work.  Since I still had some Monster Cookies in the freezer I brought those in and they were a hit! This was also impressive for me since normally I prefer to bring in a bag of Doritos. 

June 19 - 22 - J.B.’s brother got married in Clearwater, FL and I was invited to come down with Damla and J.B. to help take care of Lila while they attended the wedding festivities.  It was a very low key weekend with early bedtimes for Lila and I but I loved that I was there every morning when Lila woke up and I was the one who got to put her to bed at night. 

I met everyone at the airport in Florida where Lila made my heart melt a sweet little smile she’s trying out where she doesn’t open her mouth.  image

Once we got all our luggage we headed to the hotel.  I’d never been to Clearwater before and the beach there is truly beautiful with its soft white sand. 


Over the course of the long weekend we took Lila to the beach and the pool.  We aren’t sure that she loved either but it doesn’t seem like she hated it either.


Also, Lila had more swimsuits packed than I did and we made sure she wore every one.



Sometimes Lila would wake up a little earlier than J.B. and Damla might prefer on their vacations so we would go for walks on the beach and swing on the swings.  I think she enjoyed this extra bonding time with her favorite aunt.image


When it was finally time for her 30 minute debut at the wedding we dressed her in head to toe pink.


I know I’m biased but Lila was really a great baby all weekend.  I’m so happy we could spend some extra time together and I look forward to the 3 days we’re spending together in August!

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Always a favorite. I impress myself with how many words I know of this crazy long song.

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Back to the books!

30 Days of Fun prevented me from doing a lot of reading in the month of June but I manage to finish one book.

#15 Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) — I got this as a book on my iPad so I wasn’t able to read the back cover like I normally do. It almost made it more fun because I didn’t know what to expect. Is this Harry Potter good? No…but it was still good enough to keep me entertained in Florida and on the plane. It was also a fair bit longer than the other books I’ve read lately but it didn’t feel terribly long.

I would recommend this book and I will probably read the second one that has come out. I liked the Private Eye style story she told and apparently the second book has the same main character.

I went to the library the other day and checked out two books and I have two downloaded on my iPad so I’m hoping for some relaxing evenings this month. I also am hoping that I can get back on track toward 26 books by reading 3 this month!

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I have so many updates but so little time.  But just to let you all know that I’m still around, here is an OOTD from Tuesday night. I don’t own a lot of red, white, and blue so there is a chance that I’ll be wearing an outfit very similar to this tomorrow…but it seemed appropriate to wear while cheering for the USA in the World Cup.

I was convinced to watch the game amongst crowds of people who had gathered on Mass Ave.  3 jumbo TVs were put up and everyone was invited to bring their own beverages from home (though some were available to purchase).  I’m not a huge soccer fan but I can always find a good excuse to jump on a bandwagon.  I was sad we lost and can only imagine the victory party that would have ensued if we had won! Cheers to 2018.

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Go ahead, take a swim with your new waterproof Kindle

I’ve been waiting for this. It might finally be time to get a kindle. Especially considering the fact that my library book was almost ruined at the lake last weekend.